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After 53 Years, Bareily to finally gets its ‘Jhumka’!

After 53 Years, Bareily to finally gets its ‘Jhumka’!

You might have heard the famous song “Jhumka Gira Re Bareily Ke Bazaar Mei’, from the movie Mera Saya in the year 1966. However, The song that becomes quite popular overnight had no connection with the selling or making of Jhumkas. Finally, after over 53 years, Bareilly will get its ‘jhumka’, a symbolic replica of this piece of jewelry.

Reportedly, the civic authorities are going forward to seek National Highways Authority of India (NHAI’s) approval to install a replica of the said jhumka at Parsakhera zero point, which is at the entrance to the city on Delhi – Bareilly road. Referring to this development, an official also stated that the ambitious jhumka project was in limbo for a long time. However, the project has now been taken up and, very soon, Bareilly will get its jhumka

The proposed jhumka will be 2.43 meters in diameter and 12-14 feet in height. The landscaping around the ‘jhumka’ is estimated to cost around Rs 18 lakh. Apart from the 12-14 feet ‘jhumka’, which will be installed at the centre as the main structure, there will be three Surma (kohl) bottles (inspired from the word ‘surme daani’ used in the song) surrounding the structure.

Surma bottles will be kept in parapet walls, which will also have colorful lights installed there. Besides, colorful stones and zari work will be used for decoration, as the city is famous for its zari work as well.

The entire structure will be surrounded by a rotary in such a manner that it will give the entire edifice and its surrounding area a landscape view.

The silver-golden colored ‘jhumka will be made up of multi-colored stones embedded with ‘minakari’, an art form coloring and ornamenting the surface of metals by fusing over it brilliant colors that are decorated in an intricate design) design.

It will be made using fiber-reinforced polymer — a weatherproof material known for its molding and altering properties, which when combined with various agents, enhances the material.

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