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Did you know there is an Island only for Women?


Did you know there is an Island only for Women?

You might have heard the sentence called No Man’s Land, but what is I tell you that such sentences do exist in reality too? Lol, but indeed it’s true as there is an Island which is only meant for Women. The name of this Island is SuperShe.

Super She

This island off the coast of Finland in the Baltic Sea is probably one of the most exclusive in the world. Not because of the price tag for a week’s long stay there, and not even because it’s tucked away in an archipelago. This island is so exclusive because it excludes a good portion of the population: men.


The resort was opened on June 23, 2018. The resort’s goal has been claimed to allow women around the world to live healthy and empowered lives, as well as to function as the headquarters of the global SuperShe community for the prospective and former guests. The activities offered include yoga, meditation, kayaking, and hiking, as well as motivational talks and discussions.

The SuperShe community—which gathers women around the world to help each other live healthy, empowered lives—is the brainchild of Kristina Roth, who was running a multi-million dollar consulting business up until 2 ½ years ago.


The price tag for a week-long stay at SuperShe Island is 4,000 euros, about $4,680. That includes a stay at the St. George hotel in Helsinki and transportation to the island by shuttle. It also includes all meals, spa treatments and activities.

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