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Air India comes up with new schemes; Now anyone can fly First and Business Class

Air India

Air India comes up with new schemes; Now anyone can fly First and Business Class

If you are dreaming of traveling in a business class or first class and want to enjoy the luxury in the flight, then this is going to come true. As a matter of fact, under the new scheme of Air India, you can easily do all these things.

Air India just launched its new domestic airport upgrades scheme Get Up Front’, in which they are offering a chance for everyone to fly Business class on Air India domestic routes. According to the airline, the airport upgrade facility can be bought at any of Air India’s booking offices, Airport offices, call centers and online also.

The GetUp Front’ offer has two payment slabs Rs 4500 for distances up to 750 km and Rs 6000 for higher distances to avail the upgrade from Economy class to Business and Business class to First class.

According to the airline an additional 12 percent GST will also be applicable to the scheme.

The offer is applicable for all passengers, be it an adult or a child and is also open to all valid ticket holders, i.e. revenue and non-revenue tickets like award tickets, companion free tickets, concessional tickets, and discounted tickets.

The airline also mentioned that the upgrade is only applicable to the economy to business and business to first-class tickets and not on the economy to first-class tickets.

The scheme is applicable on domestic sector only on the flights departing with business and first-class configuration.

(Inputs from ANI)

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