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Air India is likely to launch special low-fat food

Air India is likely to launch special low-fat food

New Delhi: 
New Meal plan for cabin crews of Air India: Air India will arrange soon, special food arrangements for its air-hostess and cabin crew. Now you will see the crew members more fit in the flight than before, when you travel by Air India.

Air India will launch soon, a special low-fat food for its crew members. According to the airline, this decision has been taken, keeping in mind about the health of cabin crew members. Director Operations decided to revise the in-flight food menu.

As a pilot project on 15 September 2019 in a flight from Delhi to Mumbai,the system of delivering food ,under the new menu for the crew members in the flight, is being started,for which, Crew members will be given a diet chart under the new menu.

The food served to the crew members of Air India will be specially combination with Indian food. The most important thing is that the crew will be given light and nutritious food during the journey. The food will be served to crew members on the flight such as the pilot in the cockpit and other crew members in the cabin.

As per Air India, this change is currently being introduced on flights going from Delhi to Mumbai.Then after, similar food service will be provided to the crew in all domestic and international flights.

This is to inform you that the government is planning to hand over Air India to private companies so that it can come out from the losses. Recently, Minister Hardeep Puri said in a statement that the government is not desirous of running the airlines business. According to him, there will be complete privatization of Air India.

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