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Plan these heritage destinations on honeymoon and enjoy royalty

Plan these heritage destinations on honeymoon and enjoy royalty

If you do not want to go abroad for a honeymoon, then there are many places in India where you can enjoy the royal pride. So let’s know about some such heritage honeymoon destinations.

Where the gatekeepers receive you at the big gates, every wall thrills you, standing on the turret, greenery at every distance, the rooms have royal hospitality, tasting traditional dishes in the food, and all these out of the city. If you get far away from solitude, what could be a better honeymoon destination? If you want to visit this royal pride, then choose the places where heritage forts and palaces have been converted into luxury hotels.

Romantic feeling in the palace

Udaipur, known as the city of lakes, has been the capital of the Mewar ruled by the Sisodia dynasty. Udaipur also has a number of royal buildings that reminds the monarchy. The Lake Palace once used to be the palace of Maharana Jagat Singh, is now  a beautiful hotel that has all the comforts of royal chic. Located on Jag Niwas Island in the middle of Lake Pichola, this palace is accessed by speed boat. It is also considered the most romantic hotel in the world. Queen Elizabeth of Britain also stayed here and enjoyed the monarchy. Apart from them, royal guests like Shah of Iran, King of Nepal and Jacqueline Kennedy, first Lady of America, have also enjoyed the royal host here. Many Bollywood movie shoots have been done here. Similarly, the grandeur of the Shiva Niwas Palace situated on the banks of Lake Pichola also attracts people. You also get royal foods in these palaces. From red meat to dal-baati-churma and special sweets can be found here in royal taste.

A glimpse of Mughal architecture also in Mud Fort

Kuchesar Fort is about 2 hours journey from Delhi in Bulandshahr district of Uttar Pradesh. It is easily accessible via NH-24. This fort dates back to the 18th century. This fort, built by the Jat rulers, is known worldwide as the Hotel Mud Fort. It also has a glimpse of Mughal architecture. Hollywood films have also been shot here. Parts of this fort of Kuchesar have now been converted into a heritage resort. This fort, built in 1734, is surrounded by mango orchards spread over 100 acres. This fort has been preserved the legacy of the Jat rulers.

Colonial Home of Cochin

Le Colonial of Cochin is also a heritage property which is a colonial home of 16th century. Vasco de Gama and St. Francis have also lived in Le Colonial Hotel. The interior also has teak wood panels and spacious verandahs to relax. In addition, the rooms have large poster beds also. The old-styled dining rooms adds the beauty of this heritage hotel.


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