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Bareilly finally gets its Jhumka weighing 200 kg and 14 feet long


Bareilly finally gets its Jhumka weighing 200 kg and 14 feet long

Bareilly finally gets its much-awaited Jhumka unveiled by Union Minister and local MP Santosh Gangwar which is 14 feet high installation at zero points on National Highway 24.

The Jhumka, weighing more than 200 kg, was set in the Parsakhera area on Saturday and was decorated with colorful stones and the city’s famous zari embroidery.

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Though there is no connection between the city and the piece of jewelry with Jhumka of Bareilly, which became a national craze with the 1966 chartbuster song ‘Jhumka Gira Re Bareilly Ke Bazaar Mein’.

The song is from the film Mera Saaya but is still remembered even after 54 years.

The Jhumka connection made Bareilly so popular, that even today tourists who use to come here search the

PK Aggarwal, a local jeweler said ” People come and ask for Jumkas and we don’t have dared to tell that Jhumkas sold elsewhere are not different than that are sold in Bareilly. We always keep Jhumkas in different designs because we don’t want to disappoint our customers.

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Meanwhile, the Bareilly Development Authority (BDA) envisaged the project to establish a Jhumka as an attraction for tourists visiting the city. The project became the barrier on the road several times before it took concrete shape.

Inaugurating the Jhumka, Union Minister Santosh Gangwar said: “The collaborative effort by the authority, various organizations and local residents to set up the ambitious Jhumka in Bareilly is commendable. It looks beautiful and unique. Visitors will finally be able to become allies of Landmark Jhumka in Bareilly with the Evergreen song. “

The cost of the project has been set by the BDA at around Rs 18 lakh – Rs 8 lakh for Jhumka and Rs 10 lakh for the beautification of the landscape around the main structure.


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