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‘Kanha Tiger Reserve’ is the best place to enjoy with family and friends in winter

‘Kanha Tiger Reserve’ is the best place to enjoy with family and friends in winter

Madhya Pradesh has been rich and precious for wildlife wealth. Wildlife sanctuaries across the country open from October. Let’s go on the journey of Kanha Tiger Reserve today.

I had been in Jabalpur for about seven to eight years. I would sit on the banks of the Narmada with the feeling of wonderful relief whenever I get a chance, The forest, stretching miles along the banks of the Narmada and the animals jumping around, has been the point of attraction for me towards them. In such a situation, I got an opportunity to visit the tiger reserve around Jabalpur many times, which I was looking for. I just got out seeing the tigers from very close with four friends of mine.

Enjoying the safari

The weather was pleasant so we all decided to go on safari. We were told to wear raincoats because mild sprinkles can be changed in the rain. In the language of the tiger reserve, the appearance of a tiger is called a tiger show. A guide was also on our jeep. The jeep rising on the road like snake trails was giving us the wonderful, unexplored, unseen views of nature. From the ground to the sky, only and only the green color was visible from the ground to the sky. The grass spread on the ground and the long-standing trees on either side of the road and the tall trees of bamboo, which are being hugged as they go up. Somewhere the sky was occasionally seen among them. The only greenish and green color was visible all around and our jeep was also green. Kanha is counted as the best tiger reserve in Asia. It is one of the oldest sanctuaries. It was given the status of a national park in 1955. Since then it has been at the forefront of wildlife conservation. Suddenly a reindeer appeared before us. As the name suggests, reindeer means an animal with twelve horns. The horn of an adult male reindeer contains up to 14 branches. In some cases, 20 horn branches are also found. Kanha is also famous for reindeer besides tigers.

About two dozen species of mammal animals are found here. These include chital, sambar, black deer, nilgai, hyena, jackal, bear. After moving ahead ,a dancing peacock was seen.

Hundreds of bird species

There are about two and a half to three hundred species of birds found in Kanha. Peacock is one of them. Different types of birds, pigeons, eagles are commonly seen here. The park has two rivers also named Halon and Banjar. Migratory birds are often seen in Halon. We had never imagined these unique scenes of nature. Not only the tigers are seen, the rest of the water, forest, land, wild animals, birds were eager to welcome us.

When saw the tiger show

The guide asked our driver to follow the same jeep. There was a report of a Tiger show somewhere nearby. The guide started giving us some tips in the language of warning. He said, if the tiger is visible, then everyone should remain absolutely calm. Do not talk to each other. Many times Tiger attacks, especially when he is eating his prey. Instructed to mute the sound of the shutter of the camera also. This sound in the jungle amidst the peace is also enough to make Tiger angry. It must have been around nine to ten in the morning. Looking at the tiger sitting in a relaxed posture in the lukewarm sun, it felt like he was warming the body soaked by yesterday rain of yesterday. People were capturing the scene in their minds with cameras and mobiles. It is true; nothing was seen if I did not see the wildlife of Madhya Pradesh.

How to reach?

To enjoy the wild life tourism of Madhya Pradesh, you have to reach Bhopal, the capital of state or Jabalpur. Bhopal can be reached by train from all parts of the country. Similarly, Jabalpur is also well connected by rail. Air services are also available to both cities. Bhopal to Jabalpur can be reached by train or by air. Then you will have to take a taxi from Jabalpur to Kanha or Bandhavgarh. Before coming here, keep in mind the booking your trip to stay at the resort or rest-guest house and a safari in the tiger reserve. Now the number of jeeps for the safari has been fixed for wildlife lovers who enter the Tiger Reserve every day. Entry is not granted to tourists and jeeps after a certain number.


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