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A road less travelled Mangalajodi, a bird’s watcher paradise

A road less travelled Mangalajodi, a bird’s watcher paradise

The smudgy orange glow of the rising sun pierces the shimmering veil of mist over the vast wetlands of Mangalajodi. The waters of this eco-tourism hub, nestled on the banks of Chilika Lagoon, transform into a vista of colors; of tiny specs of birds that dot the interlinking water channels.


Mangalajodi, a picturesque village located in northeast India at the borders of a vast wetland, is home to over 200 of birds´ species. Once associated with poaching of birds, the villagers stand today as true defenders of wildlife thanks to a coordinated effort in implementing a solid awareness campaign on the importance of preserving natural species and the benefits associated with wildlife tourism. An excellent Bird Sanctuary where migratory & Resident Birds flocks together. A marshy swamp wetland and collectively protected by locals, who have done a wonderful job preserving the place and turning into a Bird Sanctuary. Nice boats to see birds around. You get a Bird guide book, Binoculars and a Guide to help to identify birds.


The place is just a 2 hr drive from Bhubaneshwar. the villagers used to hunt birds but due to the involvement of local trust, they have become protectors and guides. You can hire a boat and a guide and go through the marshes and the wetlands. The diversity of birds is amazing, and you get very close to them and this presents great photographic opportunities. the boat ride lasts 2-3 hours so you have plenty of time to enjoy the place. the prices are quite reasonable.

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