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You’ll find art loving people, never miss this city of Rajasthan


You’ll find art loving people, never miss this city of Rajasthan

 The abundance of red and yellow colors is particularly found in the colorful portrayal of Bundi culture, which looks very beautiful.let us know its specialty.

Bundi city of Rajasthan, surrounded by Aravali mountain from three sides, is a very beautiful place to visit. Most cities of Rajasthan are especially famous for  forts and palaces,but speciality of Bundi is it’s painting. 

Bundi is far-famed for its distinctive painting style, which was developed during the medieval period. Abundance of red, yellow colors, short stature, colorful depictions of nature, is especially found in Bundi. Rasikapriya, Kavipriya, Bihari Satsai, hero-heroine distinction, Rituvarnan were the  main subjects of painting of Bundi. This style has the best depiction of animals and birds, hence it is also called ‘painting of animals and birds’.


Specialty of Bundi painting

 Here,the female characters in the pictures seem breathless.Sharp nose, almond-like eyes, slender waist, small and round face are the main features of female illustration,. The paintings are depicted with mango and peepal trees followed with flower-leaves and creepers. Drawing tree above the picture and representing water, lotus, duck etc.on below side, have been the specialty of Bundi painting.


Mughals encouraged 

After coming the Mughals here,a new twist took place under their influence and it started increasing. Rao Ratnasinh gave shelter to many painters in the court. In the seventeenth century, Bundi made considerable progress in the field of painting. The Bundi style appears even richer in a painting ‘Basantragini’ in the year 1692 AD. Over the time, Bundi style touched the new heights of prosperity. You will also get acquainted with this painting style with the unique architecture here.

 There is an inflow of tourists from abroad. They look the paintings very interestingly here because of art and its style being so beautiful.



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