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Beautiful scenic places in Junagarh

Beautiful scenic places in Junagarh

There are many places to visit in Gujarat, famous for beauty catering and wildlife, but Junagadh is the most special among them. Do not miss your trip at all.

Nestled in the lap of the Girnar hills, Junagadh is the highest point in Gujarat. There are more than eight hundred Hindu and Jain temples in this region, so it can also be called Mahagarh of temples. Do not miss to visit at all if you come here,

Bhavnath Temple

Located in the foothills of Girnar and considered a world of Naga sadhus, this Shiva temple is converted into a mini Kumbh Mela on the day of Mahashivaratri. Naga sadhus from various places worship Shiva in the temple and the Girnar valley resonates with the sound of  Har-Har Mahadev.

Kalika Temple

It is considered to be a temple of Aghoris. Group of Aghori Sadhus with red eyes, banded hairs and rubbed ash on the body, appears like a group of ghosts of Shivji himself. Devotees of Mahakali and Shivji definitely come here after having the darshan of the Bhavnath temple.

Dattatreya Temple

The small temple of Sri Dattatreya, sitting on the highest peak of Girnar, looks like a flower blooming in a valley of clouds.

Upavarkot’s Vav or well

Gujarat and Rajasthan are famous for their wav and bawalis, but most of the wells in Sorath’s Vav stories are funny.

Adi kadi vav

Stairs lead to this deep well with nine layers. The story related to its construction is that even after months of digging, when there was no water in the well, then on the advice of an astrologer, two sisters Adi and Kadi decided to sacrifice them-self by jumping into the well. After sacrifice, the well was filled with water and to date, it is not getting dry. To cherish the memory of both sisters, someone ties bangles and chunri on a nearby tree, someone prays.

Fort of Sorath State

Uparkot was a princely state in Gujarat before the establishment of Junagadh city and this city of Saurashtra was an important part of Sorath state. Built by the Maurya kings, it was carved by every dynasty with its sculptures and gave this fort the title of Abhed Garh. The enemies who tried to penetrate the fort wall fell into the trench below and became the food of the maggots.


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