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November 2018

Kashmir is known to be paradise on earth, well that's true but visiting Rann Utsav at Kutch once in your life will change your whole perspective. When the moonlight falls on the white desert adds charm to the White Paradise, the Rann Utsav. Those, who haven’t visited the Rann of Kutch till now, must have

The iconic landmark and must-see visit world's largest floating restaurant is situated here which has multi-storey structures, decorated in the traditional imperial Chinese style, that is lots of dragons, pagodas and red and gold decorations, the colours that traditionally represent the empire, prosperity and good fortune. The Jumbo Floating Restaurant together with the Tai Pak,

Milad-un-Nabi marks the birthday of Prophet Mohammad. His birth anniversary is commemorated in the month of Rabi' al-awwal- the third month in the Islamic calendar. The festival is recognized as a national holiday in a number of Muslim-majority countries. 'Mawlid' is derived from Arabic and means 'birth'. However, in contemporary usage, it is commonly

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