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Your trip just got more expensive when travelling to Japan


Your trip just got more expensive when travelling to Japan

Who would not love to travel to Japan when it comes to exploring? Well, there are a lot of reasons one would want to travel to Japan it could be the authentic Japnese Sushi, their rice wine, extreme forwardness or cherry blossom festival. But now, there is another reason you will NOT want to leave Japan.

The government of Japan has implemented a new tax known as ‘Sayonara’ Tax in which a fee of 1000 Yen (Rs 654) will be charged on the tickets as a part of this tax.
The amount will automatically be included on the plane or ship fares of all passengers, irrespective of their nationality.

The money collected from this tax will be used to make the country more travel-friendly by adding facial recognition at the immigration gates and giving free Wi-Fi in public transports.

But wait, not everybody has to worry as not everybody will have to pay the tax. The exceptions include the Diplomats, U.S and United Nations armed forces personnel who will be travelling for official purposes, children under the age of two years, the passengers who have been in Japan for less than 24 hours along with those who have been forced to enter the country because of ‘unavoidable’ circumstances.

So don’t get upset plan to travel to Japan!!

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