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Attention Travelers! Get the Pizza in span of just five minutes!!

Attention Travelers! Get the Pizza in span of just five minutes!!

Amchi Mumbaikar! Forgot 30 minutes delivery guaranty pizza to be at your doorstep!! Needless to say, IRCTC has come up with a new challenge to deliver hot pizzas in 5 minutes only. Shock na… yeah, when I heard even I was surprised. But in this situation, you have to go and take your order or it is the self-service type.


As Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation has made a glorious decision to installed instant pizza vending machine at Mumbai Central Railway Station. Well, don’t panic Mumbaikars as you won’t have to travel till Mumbai Central as IRCTC has also planning to install this automated pizza vending machines at five local railway stations.


How it works:

  • Firstly you have to insert money in the machine

  • Secondly, select the pizza of your choice

  • Then the machine will prepare your order as per your taste by adding topping

  • Voila simply there will be beep sound when the pizza is ready to serve by machine

Well, Mumbai gets first pizza automatic machine but hold on this is not first in the world, earlier countries like Japan, USA and UK have been using this type of machine quite before.


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