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Want to travel in London then buy Citymapper unlimited pass


Want to travel in London then buy Citymapper unlimited pass

England now you all can travel with cheapest travel pass. As transport app Citymapper is set to launch a London travel pass that would offer cheaper fares than Oyster app.

What is Citymapper?

Citymapper Pass is a subscription service that will offer unlimited travel via any mode of transport. Where in London, the pass will initially cost around 40 pound a week for unlimited travel on the tube, buses and over ground in zones one and two, as well as unlimited use of Santander bikes and with company’s citymapper ride cab sharing service one need to pay 12 pound for this trip.

Meanwhile, there another option, which priced around 30 pound, where it offers unlimited zones one and two travel but exclude bikes and cab rides. And we compare with Oyster it will cost 35.10 pound for a week.

Citymapper founder and chief executive, Azmat Yusuf said, “It’s not just about the price, we’d like to provide a better experience we want to make this really easy and reduce the hassle to a minimum”. And different package with extra zone coverage are expected to be added within months.

The pass will be available as physical card in the same Citymapper green or it will be available via apple or google play. And will continue to add new partners and transport networks to the pass, as well as look at expansion into other cities.



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