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IRCTC: Travel time in Rajdhani trains set to reduce

Rajdhani Express

IRCTC: Travel time in Rajdhani trains set to reduce

Good news for traveler of Rajdhani trains as Indian Railway is set to reduced time by at least an hour. For that railway is planning to use an engine each in the front and rear, boosting the speed- official said. Therefore, the traveler will have benefit to reach as earlier as train reached to the destinations.

Well, normally these trains run with one engine. But the model- the push and pull mode which has been successfully tried on a commercial run of Delhi-Mumbai Rajdhani, on February 13, resulted the that it has reduced the time of 106 minutes.

As per officials- It is a totally Make in India project, utilizing indigenous rolling stock without any additional cost and will provide all the deliverable such as enhanced speed, lower running time, doing away with need of attaching or detaching banking locomotive.

Hence, the two engines, which are attached to each other through cabling will work simultaneously, enabling the train to navigate even rising gradients at higher speeds.

From the push and pull mode, the two engines at each end will also have hotel load converters. Hotel load converters is used for climate control, cooking, lighting and water heating in railways.

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