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The mystery behind the money trees of England

The mystery behind the money trees of England

Money doesn’t grow on trees “one must have heard this phrase. But, you might be disagreeing on the subject when you see the coin trees in England. There are several places in England where one can spot trees hammered with coins. So, don’t be astonished while walking through a forest in the UK on any fine day while lurching upon a tree covered with coins as it’s a common sight in the attractive village of tourists Portmeirion, in Gwynedd, North Wales.

Belief and superstition related to money tree
It is basically a result of some ancient traditions and superstitions of fulfilling the wish surrounding trees. Some people believe that this tradition brings good luck and health to those who would hammer the coin inside the trunk of tree. Some also believe that it  cures the illness if a sick person presses a coin into the tree but contrary to this, if someone tries to take out the coin, falls ill seriously.

How this weird tradition started?

It is believed that the practice of inserting coins into trees started a long back in 1700s. During that time, people of the region believed that the nailing of low-denomination coins into the trees would help them to get rid of their sickness followed with happy and healthy life. Contrary to  it, if someone removes the coin from the tree, he/she would fall sick.

We don’t know about the extent of successfulness of healing the people but it makes  an interesting sight in parts of Britain. These trees are alone and mysterious at the same point! So keep your eyes wide open to spot these trees during your next trip to UK.



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