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This Vadodara guy travels in every corner of the city for poor men Shave & Haircut!!!


This Vadodara guy travels in every corner of the city for poor men Shave & Haircut!!!

There are many paths for young adults to follow in their life, some grab a backpack and venture out to explore more, whereas others risk investing in their own businesses to attain success. But the most rewarding experience is to devote self to help the needy. That is the mindset of this young boy from Vadodara who has decided to take to the streets and help the poor people.

Manoj Wadand, spends his night giving free shaves and haircuts to homeless men. This 26-year-old, who started helping the needy four years ago, sees this as his way of doing something good for the world. Once, while going to his Uncle’s place, he noticed the homeless and poor people on the streets with long hair and beardless, which made him feel more emotional and sad.

Since then he has decided to spare his time for the needy. This selfless boy, who is a driver by profession, gets free after 10 pm and at night he works on streets for haircut and shaving to the needy. For the last four years, Manoj has been travelling to every corner of the city to offer his services free of charge.

“I just generally started to cut their hair,”, said Manoj.”I just thought, why not? I was lucky enough as I was already trained as a barber because of the ancestors.

After driving, I work for them as it would be good to do something for those less fortunate,” he added.

“In all honesty, it’s just something I started doing one day to give something back to the people who need it the most”, said Manoj. Even though Manoj may not always be able to donate money to homeless people, he is using his skills to make a difference in an alternative way.

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