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Water park Valvod

Not in Mehsana, but Country’s biggest Water Park is here at this place of Gujarat


Not in Mehsana, but Country’s biggest Water Park is here at this place of Gujarat

Most of the people are rushing to the water park during weekends especially in Summers. There are water-parks in many places in Gujarat. But if you want to enjoy activity and theme parks like Sport Parks in Singapore or Disneyland in Gujarat then now you can go to the Water-park which is situated near Borsad of Anand district. Yes, you heard it right the Water-park named The Enjoy City which is the Largest water-park of the world not just Gujarat.

The magnificent Water Park is located near Mahisagar river 

When all the riding have begun now in the water park which was open in April last year, this summer could make you feel thrilled. This water park is just 108 km from Ahmedabad, 40 km from Vadodara, 35 km from Anand and 172 km from Surat. You can reach here by the car early in the morning and return to the night. The magnificent Water Park is located near Mahisagar river and near Anand district of Gujarat.


Rides that never make you tired

You can enjoy 150 types of riders in this water park. There are 280 hotel rooms arranged for people here. The 200-acre ground water park features various rides, amusement parks, club houses, theme parks, theme hotels rooms, riverfront, advert park, club house amnesty, indoor and outdoor games, Temple Eminitas, hotel facilities, exhibit exhibitions and flower garden. You can take part in such activities.

Water rides

Fair Competition to Singapore, Disney Land Water Parks

Here you can enjoy facilities of Aqua Fabula, 3 Body Slider, Open Float Slider, Tunnel Float Slider, Wide Slide 6 Lane, Zombie Slide, Zoomer Slider, Aqua Slider, Aqua Wave Pool, Kids Water Park, Shell Ride, Pearl Ride, Crab Ride, Snake Ride , Rain Dance, Lezie River, Roller Coaster, Sea Octopus, Water Shoot, Sky Swinger, Sky Copter, Sky Wheel, Drop, Kangaroo Hope, Flying Swinger, Swinging Animal, Arrow Fighter, Mini Ship, Same You can also enjoy luxurious facilities like Jakuzi, spa, steam bath, sauana, rop course, atv ride track, bungi jumping, kids boating, body zorb, human sledgeshot, giant swing, tromboline, zippeline, rockwell climbing, net climbing.

Waterpark in World

The park is overwhelmingly huge

Waterpark in Anand

Amusement park along with water park

Amusement Park

Theme Park and Spa Facility

Theme Park and Spa

Address: Near Banks of Mahi Sagar, Mahi Sagar River Rd, Valvod, Gujarat 388530

Timings : Opens 10 AM to 6 PM (All Days)

Phone: 080009 00081




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