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jama masjid's butter chai

For midnight nocturnals ‘Butter’ Chai this out in Delhi!!


For midnight nocturnals ‘Butter’ Chai this out in Delhi!!

Are you still a butter chai newbie? You can have one right here in Old Delhi. Many people have cravings in midnight and seek for places to quench their thirst for food or something more delicious drink. A place in Old Delhi is especially meant to be the place for midnight owls!!


The quiet unassuming, Waziruddin Ji has been serving this delicious butter chai since past 20 years.

Image Courtesy : LBB

Waziruddin Ji who sits opposite Gate no. 1 of Jama Masjid prepares the delicious cup of butter tea that’s very comforting in nature and people easily get relaxed. His small stall opens at midnight and remains open till about 2 am. He’s back to business at 3 in the morning, and doesn’t stop till 3 pm!


SO, If you’re a chai lover, there’s no better place to grab a cup of delicious tea. You can find a ton of posiTEAvity Waziruddin Ji’s Tea Stall.

Butter chai Delhi

Where? Lane 10, Gali Madarse Wali, Opp. Gate 1, Jama Masjid, Chandni Chowk, New Delhi
Price: One cup of butter chai will cost you ₹20
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