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Meet Emily; Pune’s singing Donkey is something to look for!

Meet Emily; Pune’s singing Donkey is something to look for!

We have heard birds chirping, dogs barking, horses neighing but definitely not donkeys singing! A singing donkey in India has taken the internet by storm, after another donkey in Ireland grabbed eyeballs for touching high notes with its voice.

This donkey named Emily was taken in by RESQ Charitable Trust from the streets of Pune when she was in critical condition after delivering a baby. Sadly, her baby didn’t survive, and she was promptly taken to the RESQ centre for treatment. Initially, she would act aggressively due to emotional and physical pain but after spending time with her surrounding she found loving and caring ones are taking care of her!

She trusts her surroundings, people and animals so much that she expresses her trust by occasionally breaking into a song!




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