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Ten Kick-Ass Christmas Vacations Under ₹5000 in India


Ten Kick-Ass Christmas Vacations Under ₹5000 in India

Christmas is around the corner so as the excitement as its that time of the year where one could think of moving out of the corporate life, boring commuter life, stressful life and much more. Often we plan for the places which we think could be budget friendly and that is something that makes us happy more! But wait, it’s not all the time where you will find the places of your choice to be in the budget to hang around happily, which in the end makes us despondent.

But wait, there is something for the travelers who are seeking for the places where they can spend peaceful days without worrying about the vacation leaving with no penny at the end of the day. So after some research, we are presenting you the top ten places one could go and spend a long weekend this Christmas for as little as ₹5,000:




Famous for its river rafting, Rishikesh is a place for adventure seekers. You can spend your Christmas vacations over here if you are seeking peace, adventure, and happiness.

One can reach at Rishikesh through private buses (including plush Volvos), train or flight. The cost of buses would cost you approx Rs 120-1400!

Nearest City: Delhi (225kms)

Where to stay: Rooms starts for less than Rs 150 for a day! You can opt for ashram as well

Activities and Food: Rs 500 per person a day (approx)

Best time to visit: Between September- December

Kutch, Bhuj


The land where the definition of rich culture could be defined perfectly! Kutch and Bhuj are the places to look for if you are seeking some peaceful environment with the motive of learning the culture and traditions or civilization. Bhuj is the most imp town of the Kutch where one could find the fascinating tourist attraction with amazing handicrafts and gigantic places which possess sheer beauty and within your budget. The beautiful rann Utsav Festival that takes places every year is something to go for!

Nearest City: Ahmedabad (400 km) approx

Where to stay: Rooms starting from Rs 200 per day and small cottages and great resorts are also available!

Food and Activities: Rs 300 per person/per day (approx)

Best time to visit: Between November to Feb

How to reach: Through Private buses that cost around 500-700 for one way. Trains are also available at cheaper rates so as flights!



A surreal place where Ganga/Brahmaputra flows into Bay of Bengal, Mandarmani.The place is beautiful in its own way and a pristine location that can drive away the stress of everything that is happening in life.

Nearest city: Kolkata (170km)

Where to stay: The tariffs start at Rs 600 per person/per night. There is an end number of hotels and resorts here at Mandarmani where you can explore more.

Food and Activities: ₹300 to ₹1,000 per person per day (Approx)

How to reach: The cheapest way to reach is to go by bus from Kolkata, fares start at Rs 140 per person for one way.

Best time to visit: November to January



A place that cannot be described in words but could only feel when you go there. The charming French architecture, cheap alcohols, quaint beaches, and relaxed vibes make this place more beautiful and attract many.

Nearest City: Chennai (165km)

Where to stay: You can find the number of hostels and cheap hotels as low as prices of Rs 300 per person per night.

Food and Activities: ₹500 to ₹1,000 per person per day (approx)

How to reach: A private bus or government bus is the cheapest way to reach Pondicherry from Chennai. A 3.5-hour journey costs about Rs 290.

Best time to visit: October to March



A place that has been a long time favorite among travelers from all around the corner. A city of ruins, Hampi is India’s own Petra. Indeed more beautiful than Petra. Lying on two sides of Tungabhadra River, Hampi has got that charm that will leave you mesmerized

Nearest City: Bengaluru(346.5 km) approx

Food and activities: Rs 200-1000 (approx)

Where to stay: There are cheaper hotels at Hampi starting Rs 400 per person per night.

How to reach: Private buses are best costs starting Rs 300 one way distance. Trains are also available at cheaper rates of Rs 250 or more. Major transport options connect Bangalore to Hospet, which is a town 12km from Hampi. From Hospet, you can get a bus/auto to Hampi.

Best time to reach: October to March



The world’s oldest and religious city which is popular among tourists. Indulge in its own charm, experience the stunning aartis and explore some delectable food and lose yourself in the magic of Varanasi.

Nearest City: Allahabad (128 km)

Where to stay: Number of hostels are available starting Rs 150 a night.

Food and activities cost: ₹500-₹700 per person per day (Approx)

How to reach: Buses and train could be convenient. The ticket prices start at Rs 230.

Best time to visit: Between October and March



The holy city of Sikhs or the Golden city of Punjab the Amritsar has actually a lot of things to offer. Come and witness this historical sights of Jalianwalah Bagh besides this the and Wagah border and eat out to your heart in this beautiful city of Punjab.

Nearest City: Delhi (450km approx)

Where to stay: Amritsar has a number of budget accommodation options with stays starting as low as ₹500 per night also the Golden Temple is a place where people could sleep peacefully freely.

Food and activities: ₹500-₹800 per person per day approx

How to reach: Private bus from Delhi to Amritsar is the cheapest way to get at Amritsar. The tickets cost about ₹500 one-way. Trains are also available at cheaper rates and a 6-hour train journey costs about ₹600 one-way.

Best time to visit: October to April



The holy place for tourists, Ujjain is the popular destination one could spend their holidays! The place is considered the Greenwich of India. One can enjoy the beauty, divinity here along with serenity.

Nearest City: Bhopal (191.6 km)

Where to Stay: The Dharamsalas are available at cheaper rates of Rs 150. There are many affordable hotels for tourists costs Rs 500 per day per night.

Food and activities: Rs 300-1000 per day

How to reach: One can reach Ujjain by bus costs Rs 200 approx. The train is also convenient and one can reach at cost of Rs 350 approx(One-way distance).

Best time to visit: November to Feb



The Venice of east or known as City of Lakes and Palaces, Udaipur is a sight to behold. Once you look beneath the surface, you will get lost in the abundance cultural extravaganza and richness which this place offers!

Nearest city: Delhi (650km), Ahmedabad (263 km), Jaipur (393 km)

Where to stay: There are plenty of hotels at cheaper rates starting Rs 279 per night to Rs 1500.

Food and activities cost: ₹500 to ₹1,000 per person per day (Approx)

How to reach: A Seven-hour train journey from Ahmedabad to Udaipur via Jaipur as there are no direct trains to Udaipur from Ahmedabad starts at around ₹300 per person (one-way) while an eight-hour bus journey starts at around ₹500 per person (one-way).Whereas from Delhi an 11-hour long journey train starts at Rs 400.

Best time to visit: October to February

Daman & Diu


An initial escape for Gujaratis to have the hard drink, Daman and Diu actually offer pristine beaches, cheap alcohol, picturesque sights that make a weekend great and amazing!

Closest Metro city: Mumbai (180km from Daman, 822 km from Diu)

Where to stay: The prices of Hotels start as low as ₹450 a night for one person.

Food and activities cost: ₹250 to ₹700 per person per day (Approx)

How to reach: The fastest and cheapest way to get to Daman & Diu is via Bus or flights. The bus fare starts at around ₹200 for Daman and ₹500 for Diu.

Best time to visit: October to March

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