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Saudi women are ready to fly higher!

Saudi women are ready to fly higher!

Equal freedom is the birthright- Well women residing in Saudi Arabia will now be free from men’s rule, as a landmark statement has been circulated for female travelers in Saudi Arabia. The information published on Saudi  Arabia’s General Directorate of passport website that now a woman whose age is more than 21 will be to allowed to leave the country without permission of male in which country there was a rule that women not allowed the freedom to travel without permission from male guidance this will be implemented from the end of August.

Another important information or change is that now Saudi mother will be able to apply for children passport who are in their custody. Along with it other changes includes women getting the right to register child-birth, marriage, divorce and the right to be recognized as guardians Of children who are minors.

Meanwhile, previously husband, father and other male relatives have authority to make important decisions for women including travel plans where women had to depend on their male relative’s permission to get a passport or even for leaving the country. Well, this all criteria has been break by Saudi Arabian officials as last year Saudi Arabia has lifted a ban on women drivers in the country.

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