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Underwater Museum India

Experience this first Underwater Museum in India 

Experience this first Underwater Museum in India 

A piece of great news for all the adventure lovers who are seeking for some adventurous journey, the Puducherry is all set for its underwater museum in the country.

This is indeed quite an extraordinary milestone in the travel sector. Also, if you are scuba diving lover, marine enthusiast then this should be in your bucket list. INS Cuddalore, a minesweeper and decommissioned ship of Indian Navy has served the Navy for 30 years, is a sinking ship near Puducherry coast. The ship covered 30,000  nautical miles and will now be turned into the museum.


 Representational Image

The Indian Navy has agreed to collaborate with the Pondicherry government on the project. The ship will sink into the bottom of the sea around 7kms from the shore. In order to promote tourism, the navy has agreed to gift the vessel where this minesweeper will be deployed in the seabed of Puducherry at a depth of 26 meters. The ship will attract the lot of marine life which will later be helpful in the promotion of scuba diving spot.

Pondicherry Underwater Museum

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The 60-meter long and a 12-meter wide vessel will be a popular destination for snorkeling as well besides Scuba diving. Whereas the water buoys will be there on the sea surface and besides this, there will be 29-meter tall mast of the ship that could help in jutting out to allow tourists to take boat rides around it. For better Underwater experience the divers will be following trains and routes in and out.

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