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Kerala’s ‘East Island’ is a superfine destination for Honeymoon

Kerala’s ‘East Island’ is a superfine destination for Honeymoon

Poovar Island in Kerala is the best place for honeymoon where you can enjoy everything with beauty as well as adventurous nature and massage.

Though every city of Kerala is associated with some specialty. But contrary to this, in Thiruvananthapuram, the mountain looks beautiful, as well as, sea presenting a sense of magnificence with severe roar. This city has been a citadel of art and culture. Go out to see countryside, If you want to see the real beauty. Anything happening looks amazing here .Above all, if you are looking for a destination to relax and spend your vacation in better way, move towards East Island.

Poover Island

Backwaters have been the talk of Kerala. It is said about Thiruvananthapuram that backwaters were not available here earlier. If you have heard the same thing, it is wrong. Thiruvananthapuram has a large section of backwaters also where you will enjoy the untouched beauty of nature. Poovar Island, located about 25 km away from the city, is the place to realize the amazing beauty. The island is surrounded by backwaters followed with falling of one part of the Arabian Sea. The confluence of ocean and backwaters here is amazing. Apart from this, the beach with golden sand has a separate attraction. That is why the locals address this island as ‘window of heaven’. One can establish it, as the purest form of nature ,after coming here.

Poovar Island

Interesting Passage

The way of approaching to Poovar Island is also interesting. It can be reached by boating of about ten minutes from the mainland. The journey by boat is very interesting in itself. The stay facility is also available here. Though staying here may be a little bit costlier for the tourists, traveling in the budget, but you will forget it after getting experience of this place.

How to reach and where to stay?

It is connected to all destinations in India by rail, road and air. The nearest airport is 6 km away from Trivandrum city .Being an international airport ,it is connected to all major cities of the country and the abroad. Along with this, Trivandrum Central Railway is connected to various cities of the country and it is also an easy way to reach the city. You can also travel here for different parts of the city with the Kerala State Bus Service.

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