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Experiences in Kashmir, when turns into snowy wonderland during Winters!

Experiences in Kashmir, when turns into snowy wonderland during Winters!

Kashmir is the best thing ever happened to India! For all the enchantress that this piece is paradise is, one must plan an extensive excursion of the Himalayan beauty.

Kashmir in Winters the beauty of Snowfall


How can we forget the snowfall in this Paradise, which adds charm to everything? The joy of traveling to Kashmir in winter season is an experience which is indescribable.

As the excitement of the holiday season which when it is building up fast before the winters get over, we bring up a few captivating experiences and Kashmir pictures in winter to make you fall in love with the region, all over again.

The cable car ride, Skiing, and hiking in Gulmarg


Of all the adventure activities that you can take during winter in Kashmir, Skiing is the most popular. Gulmarg and Sonamarg are the popular destinations for adventure enthusiasts who brave the sub-zero temperature to make the winter a memorable one. There are quite a few local operators in Gulmarg who make arrangements for adventure sports.

Whereas, the coolest cable car ride is gondola cable car in Gulmarg. A gondola ride in Gulmarg really has something for everyone. Vacationers heading out to Kashmir ought to go for a gondola cable car ride for unforgettable views and a handy camera to capture all the magic.

Experience the frozen Zanskar river

When you go to Kashmir you will the times when you don’t find adventure but the adventure finds you. As you step into the world that looks nothing less than the ice age, there are daunting trails awaiting you into the deep embrace of nature. frozen Zanskar river flowing across the Hemis National Park is the perfect place to explore in winter. The river turns thick in winter which forms the perfect platform for the Chadar Trek – one of the most thrilling treks in the world and the popular attraction of the Kashmir.

Honeymoon when it’s snowfall time in Kashmir!


Kashmir is a heaven on the Earth and that’s the reason why it is a dream place to visit for the newlyweds. Plan a trip during your snowfall in Kashmir, including visits to Srinagar, Gulmarg, Pahalgam, and Sonamarg, and you will have all that you could practically imagine for a fabulous honeymoon. Plus, you get to take your pick between the choicest resorts located in all these regions.

The ‘Kanger’ experience in Kashmir winter

Sure, Kashmir looks beautiful in the winters, but when the chill gets too hard to bear, the locals warm up to the kanger (also kangri), a conventional heater used in Kashmir and Himachal. It is a small earthen pot woven around with pliable twigs of the willow tree and filled with burning charcoal. It is carried underneath traditional Kashmiri garb to stay warm and cozy. A whole piece of charcoal is good to last for a day. Get one for yourself to keep frost bites at bay.

Warm it up when it snows in Kashmir


You need kanger to keep your body warm, but it is the Kashmiri harissa and a cup of hot kehwa that would do the job of warming up your soul as well. Since Kashmir is predominantly a non-vegetarian region, locals take joy in feasting on a dish made of goat meat or mutton.

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