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Good news for women travelers; Female taxi drivers introduced in Bengaluru!!

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Good news for women travelers; Female taxi drivers introduced in Bengaluru!!

With the aim of providing safety to the women travelers, the Bengaluru has introduced female taxi drivers at the Kempegowda International Airport. Amidst rising concerns regarding women safety in India, Bengaluru city has come up with a humble initiative to strengthen women safety in India’s IT capital.

The women-only taxi service is a direct result of the collaboration of the Karnataka State Tourism Development Corporation (KSTDC) and Bangalore International Airport Limited (BIAL). The Female drivers who are picked for the job are from the different villages given with the perfect training of car driving and technical things like GPS as well, hence giving them an opportunity to start a new self-dependent life.

Who all can avail this service?

All female passengers can avail this service. Also, a group of women, irrespective of the age are eligible to enjoy this women-only Pink Cab Service.

Will it be costlier than the average taxi service?

The day time (6 AM to 11.59 PM) fare of this service would swing around Rs 21.50/km, while the night fare would be slightly costlier at Rs 23.50/km. During the testing phase, around 10 female driving cabs would run 24×7 giving services to the female passengers traveling from the Bengaluru city to the airport.

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