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Air India to launch Namaskar Sewa: Air India is coming with a new plan for all passengers

Air India

Air India to launch Namaskar Sewa: Air India is coming with a new plan for all passengers

 Air India To Launch Namaskar Sewa as earlier this service was only for business class passengers of Air India but now it will be for all passengers traveling in the airline.

Air India will Launch Namaskar Sewa ,a namaskar service for its passengers. In this meet and greeting service, an airline staff will assist passengers from the airport entrance up to the seat of the passengers.

Passengers will be able to avail this service soon and it will be available to all passengers traveling in the airline. Earlier, such service was available only to Air India business class passengers. However, it will now be available to all.

According to the airline, the service will be started as an experiment basis from Delhi airport effective from this month and it will be offered to passengers at a nominal fee. Air India was already providing this service to it’s passengers of first class.

According to AirIndia, they have received feedback that business and economy class passengers have faced a variety of problems at the airport and hence their experience has been poor. The airline is seeking the solution of such  issues by providing Namaskar Sewa.

The airline will provide this service plan exclusively for it’s international passengers, especially those who have to change planes. Air India plans to appoint a team of three personnel to serve the passengers.

Travelers can get this scheme at ‘’. The airline also said that the number of personnel will also depend on the number of customers or size of the group.

The airline plans to launch the initiative first at airports in Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai, Bangalore and Hyderabad. Under the plan, the airline officer will receive the passenger at the gate and then take care of all the needs of passengers

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