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A postmaster’s Taj Mahal

A postmaster’s Taj Mahal

It has been observed that the two people,who are in love with each other, promises about bringing the moon down to earth, crossing the seven seas, building the Taj Mahal and so and so on! These promises have unbased and illogical reasons, yes? But This actually exists true for such a person who was so much in love with his wife that he built a Taj Mahal after her death. And the person, about whom we are talking, does not belong to any  rich community nor any business tycoon or king of some big land, but he is a 81-year old retired postmaster from a very small village of Kaser Kalan in Bulandshahr, Uttar Pradesh.

Taj Mahal

Mr. Faizul Hasan Qadri, who spent all his savings of life, agricultural lands, and wife’s jewellery for fulfilling the dreams of his beloved Begum Tajamulli. The two loving souls got married in the year 1953 but Tajamulli died due to throat cancer in 2011. Qadri was extremely shocked but decided to preserve the memory of his beloved wife forever in form of a monument. He buried her in his agricultural land and planned the blue prints of his mini Taj. But it was not easily attainable mission of building something extremely attractive and impressive like the Taj Mahal.

But during the construction, many occasions came when he ran out of money which stopped the further progress. In an interview, Quadri admitted that he has spent 11 lakh on the construction of the mausoleum but it is still unfinished due to shortfall of money to install marbles. He was offered a help by Akhilesh Yadav, the previous Chief Minister of the state, but Quadri refused and requested the government ,in lieu of that, to build a school in his village recognised by the education board of India . The greatness of this man can be evaluated with the fact that he donated the last piece of his land for the girl’s school, which is simply an applaudable thing to do. Now he is saving the money from his monthly pension (Rs. 15,000) for marbles.


Mr. Qadri has become a great personality in and around his village because of his Taj Mahal, and has been largely interviewed by all prime media houses and newspapers. People from far and near are coming here to have a glimpse of this beautiful structure. But all this man wants is to get buried beside the love of his life, for which he has already made arrangements. But before his joining the God, Quadri wants to complete the unfinished work. Let’s pray God for full filling his dreams!

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