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What Is ‘Samarkand Bukhara’? Is it tourism term?


What Is ‘Samarkand Bukhara’? Is it tourism term?

You might have heard in any musical ceremony that people sitting over there give the compliment to women saying ‘Samarkand Bukhara Ovaari Gaya’! (સમરકંદ બુખારા ઓવારી ગયા’!). But the question comes in mind what exactly is this Samarkand-Bukhara?


Let us tell you that these two words are the names of the two cities. Both of these cities are in Uzbekistan which now has more importance in terms of tourism. Samarkand-Bukhara is on the route of the Great Silk Road in Uzbekistan which is worth mentioning that from Sikandar to various Persian, Turkish and Muslim kings, including Genghis Khan and Timur has ruled here before.

These cities were established in 1370 by King Amir Timur where he did a prominent development within some time there. At that time, Samarkand and Bukhara were counted amongst the most beautiful cities in the world has most beautiful girls too. You may find the population having white skin over here because the people here are Greek and the descendant of Arabs. Therefore, seeing a beautiful woman, people say ‘Samarkand Bukhara Ovaari Gaya’ which means they are more beautiful than these two beautiful cities (in a respected manner). Even today these cities are beautiful and the girls here are too.

If you want to travel around the world, do not forget to go to these beautiful cities of Uzbekistan!

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