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In this city of UP, bottle of perfume price is that of luxury car!!


In this city of UP, bottle of perfume price is that of luxury car!!

What that you get a bottle of perfume at the price of a luxury car? Yes, but there is a city in India, especially in state Uttar Pradesh where you can find a bottle of perfume at the cost of the Luxury car!


There is a perfume out there named as ‘An Oud‘ (Agarwood) perfume. This perfume will cost you around 28 lakhs per litre. Meanwhile, it is exclusively available in the perfume city of India- Kannauj!bottle of perfume price is that of the luxury car!!

From the Persian word ‘atr’, the word ‘Ittar’ derived, which literally means a scent. In Kannauj (Uttar Pradesh), you’ll find the natural process of perfume making in this city. The hydro – distillation process used to make these perfumes in Kannauj till today.

Nickel Plated Copper vessels are used for this. Flowers and Water are mixed in this vessel and boil it for some hours. With this, adding oil via pipes, the process gets continued for days. Flowers are taken fresh every day, while oil remained same.

The speciality of Kannauj’s perfume is Mud Perfume. Kannauj produces 20 Lac litres perfume every year, which exports over 50 countries in the World. As per the note of one Historian, Kannauj is in this business for 5000 years. Even Mughal Queen Noor-Jahan used the perfume specially made in Kannauj.

80% of the population of this city is in the Perfume business. You’ll find Jasmine, Rose, Heena, Mud Perfumes and much more major perfumes here. So, whenever you go to Kannauj, don’t miss to buy perfume from here.

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