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Suffering from Motion sickness? Follow these homemade tricks (Jugad) before travelling!


Suffering from Motion sickness? Follow these homemade tricks (Jugad) before travelling!

Are you afraid of travelling like fear of vomiting and nausea during the trip? Motion sickness is frequently called travel sickness, car sickness, and even seasickness. Well, here are some homemade remedies to ease you while travelling.


Always take lemons along with you while travelling. The smell of fresh lemon peels will comfort you if you are feeling nauseatic.

Black Pepper powder and Black salt

To avoid vomiting, lick half cut lemon sprinkled with black salt and black pepper powder on it.

Clove powder

Having roasted clove powder with a pinch of sugar and black salt will also relax you from vomiting. Leaves of fresh basil (tulsi) will also help to ease you.


Like clove, cardamom also helps to relax you. One can have cardamom flavour tea before setting off for the journey.

Fresh mint and lemon juice

To avoid vomiting, one can take lemon squash with black salt and fresh mint while travelling.

Cumin flavoured water

Before setting off on the journey, you can also have a glass of water with cumin powder in it. This will help you to avoid nausea and vomiting while travelling.

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