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Sativali Hot Water Springs: Must visit in winter


Sativali Hot Water Springs: Must visit in winter

India is a place where you can have season wise water example cold and hot water.

With the six hot water springs, the ‘Sativali Hot Water Springs’ is situated in Sativali Village, Thane. From the six, the main hot spring (56.3°C) is located on the south bank and small sprouts (59.3°C) are located on the north bank of the stream. The water is hot because of sulphur.


There is also a Hindu Temple at the hot spring area, with two broken bulls and two broken lingams. The temple is called the Satoleshwar Mahadev temple. There are three large and three small tanks opposite the temple. The small tank to the left has hot water and steam rises up from it.


The other tanks have relatively Luke warm water. Some of the tanks are maintained purely for bathing in. The tanks are watched over by the many herons and Drongo birds in the vicinity.

If you are in Maharashtra and especially in Thane, then you must visit this place.

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