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A temple in Madhya Pradesh that fulfil wishes of Thieves and Bandits

A temple in Madhya Pradesh that fulfil wishes of Thieves and Bandits

If faith is strong then God helps all and bless them according to the power of their devotion. Lord Shiva also gave Munnama Varadan to such demons, who later destroyed Devlok. In the Dev-demon war, Mother Durga destroyed such demons that had acquired the blessing of immortality from Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh. Now you will wonder if there are such gods and goddesses who listen to the call of the common devotees, along with the thieves and also fulfil the vows of the bandits.

You will be surprised to know that Heinous criminals like thieves and robbers also seek blessings from the Goddess for their crime purpose. The temple of Joganiya Devi near Neemuch of Madhya Pradesh fulfils the promises of the thieves. This wonderful miraculous temple is situated at a distance of about 20 kilometres from Neemuch, in the ruins of the Kangar Bahlul. As per the locals, the thieves of different places resides all around the temple of Joganiya and Kali Mata. Not only this, Thieves and robbers come here with the intention of getting command of the Goddess that if the incident is to be executed, or no. For this, they offer one flower each in both hands of the Goddess. It is such a belief that if the flower from the hand falls in the hands of the thief, then he will come to go ahead with the robbery and will not be caught.

How to reach?

Ahilyabai Holkar Airport of Indore is a nearby airport.

Neemuch Railway Station is the nearest railway station for the railway route. There is also the facilities of taxis and tempo for all temples for Neemuch.

If you are travelling via car from Neemuch and your destination is Joganiya Mata Temple Power House Debari then it would take approximately 1 hour(s) 46 min(s); for you to reach your destination. The road distance or driving distance between Neemuch and Joganiya Mata Temple Power House Debari is 117 km (73.00 miles). Please note that 1 mile is equivalent to 1600 m or 1.6 km.

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