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Creativity at its best: Visit to Hutheesing Visual Art Centre


Creativity at its best: Visit to Hutheesing Visual Art Centre

With an aim of boosting the art and cultural activities in town, (Ahmedabad), there is a Hutheesing Visual Art Centre which is a must-visit for an art lover!


Hutheesing Visual Art Centre was established in 1978 by Late Shrimati Hutheesing Tagore and Miss Sarojini Hutheesing to promote art & culture activity in town in particular and India in general.

Realising that academics alone do not shape society. L&P Hutheesing Visual Arts Center has worked to support various painters, dancers, actors and tribal artists by offering an exhibition space and an open sky amphitheatre.


These Goals are achieved through research, workshops, seminars, exhibitions, and performances by scholars, amateurs, students and the general citizens as the centre open its doors to all alike.

The centre has collaborated with various prestigious institutes and world bodies such as British Council, USIS, Max Muller Alliance Francious etc. through its many years in existence.


It is the centre which supports artists especially tribal artists, dancers, actors by providing them with a place to exhibit their talent. Well, it is also called an open-air amphitheatre.


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