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This Indore’s glass temple is purely an Architectural marble

This Indore’s glass temple is purely an Architectural marble

A temple in Indore is made up of glass and you will surely gonna love it. The temple known as Kaanch Temple is another beautiful masterpiece made up of glass.

Kaanch Madir is a famous Jain temple of Indore. It was built by Seth Hukumchand .It is an architectural marvel in glass. Inside the temple thousands of mirrors adorn the walls, ceiling, floors, pillars and door knobs; supplemented by colored patterned ceramic tiles, cut glass chandeliers and lantern type glass lamps. At top there is a special glass chamber with the images of Lord Mahaavir. The use of glass creates such an effect that the statues are seen multiplied into an indefinite number.


Just located at the end of the Sarafa Bazaar (while walking from Rajwada Chowk) Kaanch Mandir is something to look for.
It is a pure piece of beauty with good architecture. Not only this Mandir provides place for worship of Jain Tirthankaras but is amazingly made to depict Aagams and Canonical works of Jain traditions.

Visitors are allowed from 10.00 am to 5.00 pm only. Jain people can visit post 5.00 pm up to 10.00 pm. One can also visit the Gallery on the first and second floor and spend good amount of time studying the works done on the ceiling.
A must visit for Jain devotees on their trip to Indore.

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