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This Cafe is run by Prisoners in Shimla


This Cafe is run by Prisoners in Shimla

In what could be a new beginning and first of its kind experiment, a book cafe in Shimla,which is run
by prisoners in Shimla.

Named as Book Cafe, this newly opened cafe serves coffee and a wide variety of snacks and beverages
coupled with stunning views of the surrounding mountains. But, that is not all. The cafe’s daily
operations are run by four convicted criminals who are serving life term at the Kaithu jail near
Shimla. Aptly named, the cafe also has a mini-library from where you can pick a book of your choice.


Besides, providing food the cafe also offers the facilities of free wifi, books and magazines as well.

The first ‘Book café, situated at Takka Bench is in very commanding position, just above the
historical Ridge and on way to the famous Jakhu temple. The café is actually a boon for the locals and
the tourists.

The prisons department is earning over Rs 3.5 crores annually from the produce and open-air jail
concept. Inmates are providing different bakery products, coffee, tea and books to the visitors.One of
the inmates, Jai Chand, who has been in the prison for past eight years as he is serving a life
imprisonment for murder, runs the book cafe. Whereas, the other jail inmate Bhupinder Singh finds a
positive daily towards prisoners’ reform and engaging them in mainstream activities.



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