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Him Darshan Express to be introduced on Kalka-Shimla track

Him Darshan Express to be introduced on Kalka-Shimla track

Happy Marry Christmas to you and your family. Well, there is also a good news for the people who are traveling towards Shimla as on the eve of Christmas the ticketing arm of Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation is going to launch new Him Darshan Express on the route from Kalka Railway station to Shimla. But need to have patience as the latest news suggest that this train will run on this track till the next year December 24, 2020.

More about this train:
– The train will have seven coaches, among them one is off first class sitting cum luggage room coach (FCZLR) and another six first class AC vista-dome coaches. And all this coach of vista-dome will comes with the capacity of 15 persons, where the first class coach will have capacity of 14 passengers.

– This train will be run on regular basis, where the passengers will allow to get their seats via Passenger Reservation System (PRS) and various other online modes.

– Fare of a single passenger will be of RS 630 which is irrespective of age and boarding/de-boarding station of the passengers.

– The train will be take off its journey at 7 AM from Kalka station and will reach Shimla at 12:55 PM. And in return, this train will be depart at 3:50 pm from Shimla and reached Kalka at 9:15 PM.

– Where the Him Darshan Express will have station at Barog station on both the side.

Meanwhile, Gurinder Mohan Singh – Division Railway Manager (DRM) said that this step or initiative was taken to woo more tourist towards the state. And having vista-dome coaches will allow the passengers to enjoy the panoramic views as these has been designed with a glass top roof and wider UPVC window. Moreover, this window roller blinds and and Honeycomb Blinds for roof glass have also been provided to avoid heavy sunlight inside the coach during summers.

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