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This 20-year old is lucky enough, Won Travel Dream Job!!


This 20-year old is lucky enough, Won Travel Dream Job!!

This guy is an easy guy to be jealous of. After all besides, being charming and athletic personality he is getting chance to travel the globe. As he has been hired for’s Epic Dream Job in late 2018, he’s certainly earning it now, guess what he is just 20 years old!

His new job includes travelling all around the corner. He went to Switzerland and France as he started his new gig to learn what getting hired for a dream travel job is really like. And for him, it includes hiking for hours in the backcountry of Verbier before sending it down a vertical, eating more cheese than most people would find appropriate, and spending time with a few adoring fans.

And, remember, this is all actually a part of his job description.

“We weren’t looking for somebody to make a ski movie, we were looking for somebody to tell a story about what it feels like to be in the destination,” Dan Sherman, the chief marketing officer of, shared about what exactly they were looking for in the hire.

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