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The immortal glory- Gangeshwar Mahadev temple of Diu

The immortal glory- Gangeshwar Mahadev temple of Diu

The Gangeshwar Mahadev temple situated at the foothills on the coast of the sea near Union Territory Diu is believed to have been built by Pandava during their exile period. Lakhs of devotees across the glove come here and offer Prasad, perform pooja & Aarti and get blessings.


Every religious temple in India has mythology which lets devotees know about the significance of the temple and how it was built or incarnated. Similarly, the Gangeshwar Mahadev Temple is also incredible and pristine.

It is believed that Pandava, during their exile, used to build Shivalinga wherever they go. Diu is also among the many places they visited during their exile period. They were said to a taken oath to not to take even water without offering pooja to Bholenath.

It is said that no one can stay here at night and no priest in the temple. Devotees themselves worship here in the temple the offer coconut as Prasad.

It is worth visiting the place as you could visit the incredible temple and get a glimpse of Lord Shiva.

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