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Sweet Indulge; Taste this Black Gajar Halwa in Lucknow!!


Sweet Indulge; Taste this Black Gajar Halwa in Lucknow!!

A lesser known winter delicacy – the Black Gajar Halwa than other traditional halwas, but it is a delicacy that will leave you enthralled.

Winters are best especially the food part!! Nothing could be better than just by having yummy food that defines taste.We all know that Gajar Ka Halwa is always on the plate being at home or outside when it comes to sweet and in winters.But ever had this Black gajar halwa (Kali Gajar Ka Halwa)? If not then come and visit Lucknow and taste it!!

Rahmat Ali’s shop in Lucknow serves the mouth watering Black Gajar Ka Halwa (Black Carrort Sweet). One could easily discover this sweet dish here and would love too!This dish is mostly eaten in Winters, and at the time when Black Gajar Halwa is rare to find people tastes this delicacy here.The black carrots give it an earthy taste, which was just a bit astringent on the tongue.Ali, the owner of Rahmat Ali, had some strong views on the mass use of this ingredient: “It is a sign of laziness,” he said. “The real method is to use milk and reduce that. Since that takes time, people use a shortcut: khoya.”

The Rahmat Ali sweet corner shop is there since 1865 that too in Old City of the city.In this panoply, the black carrot halwa is rare. Black carrots are grown in only a few places in North India. Even in Lucknow – arguably the world capital of this dessert – this halwa is not very well known.

Where? Niar Tehseen Ki Masjid Raheem Hotel Ke Samne, Chowk, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh

Timings:11 am to 1 pm

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