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This is why flight seats are always blue


This is why flight seats are always blue

Travelling is something which is loved by everyone. Some travel to remove stress, whereas some to enjoy and some to explore and some to meet the self over and again.Travelling in Flight is exciting but have you ever noticed the seats colour of the flight?


As you might have already encountered that most airplanes have their seats blue. Not because it’s best at hiding dust but because it produces calming chemicals in the body, reduces the chances of plane rage and creates a sense of well being. Air travel is a stressful experience for some. And quite obviously, the air carriers have to do their bit in this regard. So they did.

Why Blue?

Blue is also shown to slow heart rate and breathing, so it can be a good colour to aid in meditation and relaxation. While warm colours are thought to sparkle hostile and angry emotions in passengers.


Another reason, the color blue is supposed to appear trustworthy which makes a complete sense to have passengers trusting in the airlines as they defy nature flying hundreds of people through the sky.

According to British scientists, most people associate the color blue with reliability and safety, that’s very important even for the passengers who don’t suffer from aerophobia. Also, according to research, 90% of people subconsciously make a decision about the attractiveness of a company depending on the brand colors.


There is practical reason of using blue colour the dirt, stains, and scrapes are less visible on this color, and, therefore, these seats can be in use for a longer period of time in comparison with ones covered with a lighter colored upholstry. Whereas, in case of the first class, the colour is green as fewer people can afford to fly first class, airlines use bright upholstery there more often as the fabric wears out slower.

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