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Ever heard of Gabbar Hills? Must visit place in Gujarat

Ever heard of Gabbar Hills? Must visit place in Gujarat

We all are aware of the Character of Sholay ‘Gabbar’ but have we ever thought that there could be a major tourist draw which is mostly unheard and less travelled but must place to visit in Gujarat? Yes, the place is ‘Gabbar Hills’.

Gabbar Hills is situated in the vicinity of the River Saraswati, located at the border of Gujarat and Rajasthan. The hill is located at an altitude of 400 m above the sea level and is spread across an area of eight Situated at a height of 480 m; the prominent attraction on this hill is the temple under the holy pipal tree. This temple consists of 999 steps.

Gabbar (or Gabbargadh), a small hillock about four km to the west of Ambaji village, is believed to have been the original seat of the goddess, the site of Krishna’s tonsorial ceremony (ritual head-shaving), and the abode of the divine Mahishasur-Mardin.

Well, this hill is very steep and difficult to climb. In total there are 300 stone steps at the foot of the hill after which the pilgrims have to climb through a narrow dangerous track. On the flat top of the hill, there is a small niche facing the temple of Ambaji, in which a well-protected lamp is kept constantly burning and can be seen from the main Ambaji temple at night. There are footprints of the Goddess under a pipal tree, which are worshipped.

Historians believe that Lord Krishna’s tonsure ceremony also took place on this hill under the holy papal tree.

This site is popular for the Fair organised on the eve of Bhadarvi Purnima.

There are many more beautiful sightseeing Places on Gabbar together with a sunset point, Cave and Swings of Mataji and Trips through a ropeway. As per the recent study, Ambaji Temple was constructed by the Suriyavans Emperor Arun Sen, the ruler of Vallabhi in 4th Century A.D

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