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Explore the Wellness Tourism of Gujarat


Explore the Wellness Tourism of Gujarat

People around the world know that Gujarat is meant only for tourism, 7 business hubs, where one can enjoy Rann Utsav, Kite Festival, Navratri, Uttarayans, fair and many festivals in the state of Gujarat. But have you heard that Gujarat tourism also provide ‘wellness tourism’? No na, but yes Gujarat has its own Wellness tourism, as there are five such tourism available namely Indus Ayurveda hospital, NIMBA nature care village, Navjivan Nature cure centre, Rejou- The Healing Spa & Naturopathy and Shankus Natural Health centre.

Indu Ayurveda hospital

It is a unique concept of treatment of chronic disease with Ayurvedic medicine and Panchkarma. Where Panchkarma is the combination of five procedure including Shirodhara, Karnapuran, Tarpan, Janubasti, Katibasti and Greevabasti.
This hospital content 25-bed hospital with wellness centre where organic food, yoga and meditation is a part of half day and full day package.
Hospital is in Savasi-Koyli road Vadodara, where one can go for treatment as it is open on Sunday.

NIMBA nature care village

Situated opp Shanku Water Park, near Ahmedabad-Mehsana, express highway.

Generally, NIMBA is a unique place which has the facility that helps to restore the natural balance of mind, body, and spirit through modern advancement, ancient medical techniques and contemporary & international therapies which enhance and augment the original.
Nature is an amalgamation of five elements Water, Air, Fire, Earth & Ether called as Panch-Mahabutuas with the secret healing power for treating any disease.


Navjivan Nature Cure Centre

The idea of nature care was introducing by MK Gandhi, a healing centre based on naturopathic remedies, which offers treatment of wide variety using everything from ayurvedic and herbal remedies to panchakarma.
This Navjivan Nature care is situated on the Bhuj-Mandvi road near Punadi Patiya village.

Shankus Natural Health Centre

Having an aim to offer holistic healthcare and the wealth of wellness to the society, this Shankus Natural Centre came established in 2004. In today’s chaotic and hectic lifestyle, one needs an essential approach of good healing that helps the body to galvanize. So the Sahnkus naturopathy centre offers innovative therapies through only certified professionals.
This natural health centre is situated in Mehsana.

Rejou -The Healing Spa & Naturopathy

Who doesn’t know the name Madhubhan Resort & Spa everyone knew it that it is situated in Anand district. Well, you will be surprised that Madhubhan Resort & Spa itself launched its own Spa & Naturopathy destination, namely Rejou -The Healing Spa & Naturopathy.
Offering mindful, effective skin care and body therapies of the highest quality and are administered by a Rejou – The Healing Spa & Naturopathy.
Madhubhan is proud to be amongst the first in India to offer ‘Oxygen’ and ‘Ozone’ therapy, among other contemporary therapies.

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