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Summer alert! Go Air comes up with discountes rates offer


Summer alert! Go Air comes up with discountes rates offer

Are you in the mood for a vacation? Take off to your destination with Go Air flights with discounted rates now. Go Air has introduced new flights for domestic destinations from April 25, aiming summer season holidays.

The airline’s website announced, “This Summer, Go for more! Introducing new flights across various new routes starting from 26th April 2019,” adding “Flight Numbers G8 – 2000 to G8 – 2999 will depart from and arrive at Terminal 2 of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport, Mumbai w.e.f. 26th April.”

The airline website says “New flights, More flights, More options” hinting that it may give more options to flyers by introducing new flights. It has also given a detailed schedule of the flights e.g, Ahmedabad to Mumbai (Flight No-2505), Ahmedabad to Mumbai (Flight No-2604), Mumbai to Ranchi (Flight No-2502), Mumbai to Ahmedabad (Flight No-2504), Mumbai to Ahmedabad(Flight No-2603), Mumbai to Chandigarh (Flight No-2506), Mumbai to Nagpur (Flight No-2601) etc. There are many flights covering domestic location across the country.

Notably, these offers come with the company’s terms and conditions, but flyers have the option to avail these summer season offers.

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