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GO Air to come up with offers on New Year; Route details and days here


GO Air to come up with offers on New Year; Route details and days here

GoAir To Kick Start 2020 With Sale. The airline has launched its brand new deal under which tickets can be booked for 24 cities for journeys starting from 14th January 2020 to 31st July 2020.

New Delhi: The airline recently launched its brand new deal, under which one can book tickets for 24 cities within the network of GoAir for journeys starting in between 14th January, 2020 to  31st July, 2020

Under this scheme, the airline is offering flight tickets starting from Rs 1,420. In the celebration of the new decade of 2020, the last two digits of the fare of the airline will be 20.

In this sale , the fare of flights from Delhi to Lucknow is Rs 1,420, Rs 1,820 for Nagpur,Rs 1,820 for Srinagar, Rs 2,120 for Mumbai and Rs 2,420 for Kolkata. Booking for the sale tickets will start from 3rd September ,2019 uptill 8th September 2019.

According to GoAir,their effort is to make air travel affordable by the beginning of the year 2020. Along with this initiative,they also want to give a strong message to customers for early booking.

GoAir Managing Director, Jeh Wadia said, “We Indians are tying up with our global counterparts i.e., holidays are being planned 120–180 days in advance and in some cases, even 210 days in advance. It is delightful to see the benefits of advance planning is being well understood and customers are ready to make their plans well in advance.

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