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This tea stall in Bharuch is dedicated to India’s PM Modi!!

This tea stall in Bharuch is dedicated to India’s PM Modi!!

Election season or you can say the festival is going on and you are getting to hear or see so many things related to it. But there is one such news that will make you think more of PM Narendra Modi’s Yojana.


There is one tea stall in Bharuch which is unique in its own way. This tea stall doesn’t allow people who hate Modi and the one who doesn’t want to talk about Modi’s achievement. This guy tea stall is small but it is purely dedicated to PM Narendra Modi. This man is not affiliated with any party but is a common man. This tea stall is being run by Pankaj Patel and the one who comes here calls him Modi worshiper.

Pankaj Patel, owner of this tea shall, explains the schemes announced by Modi to every customer who drinks tea. He thinks that by making people understand the schemes they will be pleased. There is a unique condition for drinking tea on Pankajbhai’s tea stall. The condition is that it is forbidden to talk about anti-Modi talkies in Tea Stall. The Modi devotee does not hesitate to speak out for Narendra Modi.

Many people go to drink tea at this place which is situated at Peak Point in Bharuch, but this is the time of the election, while the tea stall has become a center of attraction.

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