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Robot Restaurant Where Machine Serves, And Men Cooks!

Robot Restaurant Where Machine Serves, And Men Cooks!

Striking a perfect balance between food and technology, nothing gets better than the first ever Robot eatery, which is in Chennai. This restaurant is especially for science fiction darlings who are hardcore foodies as well. For more details about the restaurant watch the Video.

Founded by Karthik Kannan, and Venkatesh Rajendran, the restaurant boasts a total of four robot waiters who serve food to the people at their tables. This Robotic restaurant Chennai not only serves mouthwatering Chinese and Thai food but also portrays how the dining experience can be redefined in the forthcoming days.

“Venkatesh Rajendran is in this industry for past 8 years and was running two restaurants already. As robot was previously a Chinese Thai fine dining restaurant with a good bunch of regular customers, he thought of renovating the restaurant after three years of it’s a successful run. So he had thoughts of many themes. As a team, we worked out for a few themes and it’s implementation”, said Kailash, the Manager of Robot Restaurant, Coimbatore.

“Finally, like robots, it will be a first of its kind as well as can attract customers Ambience and service wise too with the successful Indo Asian Cuisine we have, He finalized this. Equally risky initially but with full workarounds about the implementation and the maintenance, we came out after three months of pre-opening knowledge training about the robots. One of his friends, Mr. Karthik came up to invest partially believing on Mr. Venkatesh’s strength in this industry. As the team is full of engineers including Mr. Venkatesh too, this came out well and is running successfully completing the first year. We also have plans to spread the franchise pan India focusing initially in South cities. Thanks to all the customers and well-wishers who are part of our success”, he added.

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