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How about Deepika Padukone Dosa on Menu?


How about Deepika Padukone Dosa on Menu?

2019 has just begun and Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone seem to be in no mood of getting over to the ‘couple goals’.Meanwhile, Deepika Padukone has discovered yummy trivia about herself through her fans on social media. In Texas, a dosa named after Deepika Padukone news is going viral. The actor retweeted a fan’s post about the dosa, saying, “what a great way to begin the year…Happy New Year!”

No sooner, one more fan came up with another menu saying, “You are also a Parantha Thali in Pune.”

Actor Ranveer Singh, also the hubby of Deepika Padukone took onto his Instagram stories and posted a photo of the menu alongside the caption “I’d eat that.”

Ranveer Singh

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