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IRCTC plans Pod Hotels for Passengers!


IRCTC plans Pod Hotels for Passengers!

There is some great news for the travelers coming in your way, the Indian Railways has come up with the facilities of bringing a next-generation system for railway passengers – pod hotels! This is indeed an innovation move. The Indian Railway Catering Tourism Corporation (IRCTC) is in talks with providing lodging spaces near major stations on the Indian Railways network.


The corporation wanting to offer more amenities for the travelers or passengers than the usual retiring rooms. The officials of IRCTC said that they are in talks with 30 pod capsule hotel. The person can stay for 7-8 hours.

Interestingly, Mumbai already has India’s first pod capsule hotel, Urbanpod-which is in Andheri and was launched in 2017.

Facilities under Pod Hotels

The pods will offer facilities such as temperature and light control, USB Ports, personal lockers, intercoms, and power sockets along with Wi-Fi, entertainment screens and a comfortable place to rest.

The pod will also offer the washroom, lounge, dining and changing rooms facilities.

Each pod is likely to be 5 feet by 7 feet

Such affordable pod hotels will provide passengers with a more comfortable stay than the existing retiring rooms. Such pod hotels would be perfect for those who are seeking a luxurious stay.

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