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Lip Smacking Vegetarian Breakfast to eat in Agra


Lip Smacking Vegetarian Breakfast to eat in Agra

Oh, so you are in Agra. Welcome to this beautiful city that heritages the symbol of love our very beloved the Taj Mahal. But one thing people always seek for and that is food..obviously something we die for!!

Have you visited all the famous places in Agra?

If the answer is yes I’ll give you to some of the places where you can have some of the lip-smacking breakfasts.


Bedai-kachodi– You can get this near St. John’s college. The shop is called Raman Sweets and it serves one of the best Bedai-kachodi dishes in the city.
Next, you may go for jalebi and rabadi and you may find it in the same shop near St. John’s College.


Lately, Agra has been a budding ground for many cafes and the best among them is The chocolate room situated in Serv Multiplex. Trust me and go there and gorge any dish you want to and you will always be thankful to me 🙂


If you find your tummy calling out for more food don’t forget to miss samosa from khandari. There is a vendor in khandari who doesn’t have any name of the shop, but the samosas served by him are super delicious.

Hope you had a great stay in Agra!!

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